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Empire Crypto Index Fund is like the S&P 500 for the Crypto space.

Crypto Index Funds Investing

Empire Crypto Asset Firm is Pioneering the most advanced Cryptocurrency Index Fund. Our Indices are derived from different categories starting from Blockchain projects, the top10 Cryptos on Coinmarketcap and DeFi project tokens.

Empire Cryptos’s diversified Index Fund tracks the total return of different Crypto Assets in diverse sectors of the blockchain market.

Crypto Index Funds have always outperformed the Market and outpacing the individual currencies.

Invest Smarter With Empire Crypto Index Funds

Why should you trade our digital asset tokens


Weekly Balancing

Our Index Funds rebalances weekly to ensure constant leverage ratios of the assets are always maintained.


Passive Investing

Investors don’t have to worry about managing accounts or analysing the markets as our automated engines monitor the portfolios.

Smart Trading Engine

Why should you trade our digital asset tokens

Daily Balancing

Each token rebalances daily to ensure constant leverage ratios of the underlying assets are always maintained.

Zero Hussle

Traders don't have to worrry about managing funding rates, borrowing costs or monitoring positions for risks of margin calls.

Leader in Digital Asset Indices and Index Investing

Why Choose Us?


Professional Fund Managers

Your Portfolio is managed by Professional Fund Managers who’ve been in the Financial Industry for some years. They have vast experience in the blockchain investments and have been through most of the crypto market cycles.


Secure Trading Platform

Security is our Number one Focus. The Safety of your Funds is given the highest priority. We employ the best cyber tech to make sure you enjoy the experience with us. We use the most trusted and liquid exchanges to manage your Assets.


Fast 24/7 Online Support

Clients are able to track and view their Investments through their crypto exchanges. This will enable investors to know where they are standing and make informed decisions whether to add more funds into the portfolio.


High Returns On Investments

Right now the cryptocurrency market is the only industry giving great profits. The volatility of the Bitcoin & other Altcoins makes it the attractive asset class with very low entry. Institutions & other financial companies are coming on board.


High Perfoming Assets

Empire Crypto Index Funds consists only of the best perfoming assets in their category. Our experienced fund managers Track and Monitor those Assets that will give you good profits and high returns on your investments continuously. 


Minimum Investments

Blockachain and Crypto Investments were meant to be very affordable to the masses. We have made our Index Fund to be just that, easy entry to the novice investor. You can start creating a portfolio from the little you have.


Our Clients & Investors

Retail Investors
Retrenched People
Institutional Investors

Invest in Empire Crypto Index Funds

We use robust portfolio management strategies to create an index fund that rebalances weekly basis and caps each asset at determined ratios. Our Portfolios are Managed on the best and secure exchanges.
cryptocurrency index funds


This is an Index fund derived from the Top 10 cryptocurrencies in the Marketplace, chosen by their Volume and Marketcap. We constantly monitor the Index fund to subtract or add coins in the top 10
decentralized finance


This is an Index Fund derived from the Top 10 DeFi project tokens. The projects are mathematically picked up based on their solutions and potential in the blockchain space.
blockchain investments


This is an Index Fund derived from the Top 10 Blockchain projects listed on Coinmarketplace. These are projects chosen for their strong use cases and potential growth.

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