This Course will introduce you to Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Crypto Market world.

You will understand how the Blockchain technologies work

History of Bitcoins, the current situation and the future

Bitcoin Mining, Investing and Trading

The Course will cover the Crypto Currency Market and their potential on the internet.

You will learn how and when to invest for long term and which currencies to look at.

Become a Professional Trader and spot Buying and Selling Opportunities.

Understand the technical analysis of the coins – study of the graphs and trends.

Get knowledge about fundamentals of Blockchain and Currencies.

Background and analysis of top ten Crypto currencies.

Learn about: Exchange Trading, Margin Trading and Lending

Risk Management and safe keeping of your Coins -Where to safely store and protect your Bitcoins

Diversifying your Portfolio

Costs of the Course: R3000 - Duration3 -5 days.


Physical attendance to our Class or Online learning available.

Empire Crypto Certificate of Completion.

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