Empire Crypto a trading name for Empire Forex Capital, a registered company in terms of the South African Companies Act.

Empire Forex Capital has been involved in the Financial Markets since 2009.

Empire Crypto's main business being trading and investing on the Crypto Markets of the World.

Our company consists of Experienced traders, Wealth managers and Market enthusiasts who have vast knowledge on all aspects of the financial markets and Bitcoin, Crypto Market.


Who Are We?

We are a team of Investors, Skilled Analysts, Programmers, Brokers and Experienced Traders who create secure and highly profitable Investment and Trading opportunities on the Crypto Space.

Our depth knowledge and constant research about the existing and new trends makes us stands out from the rest.

Bitcoin and Crypto Market provide a new market that has potential and fast taking over the world.


Why You Are Secure With Us?

We are locally registered 

We have a physical office and been operating in the same place since 2012.

Our Bitcoin Investments program diversifies our client’s portfolios into different Crypto Market instruments.

We preserve Bitcoin Capital and minimize the risks or loss.

With our experienced traders we provide quality Signals and Courses that guarrantee success for our members.

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